• AURO University was established in 2011 through The Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2011. It was founded by Shri Hasmukh (H.P.) Rama, a co-founder of JHM Hotels now Auro hotels, which is a US-based hospitality company with operations in USA and India. AURO University was set up with the vision, ‘to be a premier university of integral and transformational learning’. The mission of the university to work as a center for value based education; the university is focused on providing to: Students-an environment for self-development; an institution that nurtures their potential based on their aptitudes and interests, Faculty-a platform to be mentors and guides who shape the country's future leaders by imparting knowledge and skills; opportunities for research on emerging trends and industry practices and to Industry and Community- students with intellectual competence, reality-based knowledge and personal integrity; students who strive for excellence and aspire to become socially responsible leaders. The guiding philosophy and endeavor have led it to establish strong relationships with universities, institutions and industry. Auro University collaborates with other national and international institutions of higher education to achieve its vision.

School of Law

  • School of Law, AURO University works on the guiding principles of Shri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother. It was institutionalized in the year 2012 and the envisioned to provide its students with a demand-driven, academically rigorous, educational and stimulating learning experience in an all-inclusive environment. It aims to become one of the best private law schools in India by 2020 and create close partnership/ collaboration with top law schools. It shall strive to become a center for research, excellence and expose students to new ideas and offer them innovative problem solving and learning environment with a special focus on integral education.